About Bluefire

There are no projects too big or too small. We enjoy the art of software development.

We are experts in our craft.

Why should you consider Bluefire Interactive for your next project?

Founded in 2013, Bluefire Interactive set off to close the gap between software developers and you, the innovators. We not only require top-notch development and key out of the box problem solving, but our developers work directly with our clients and must also be master communicators.

We believe an open line of communication with those building your projects is key to a successful product and smiles all around. We may be a small team, but we think and deliver BIG results.

Getting to know us


We love a challenge, and we love to learn new technologies. Tinkering is a pastime for us. We were the kids getting yelled at by our parents for taking apart appliances and tools throughout the house.


Our staff loves to laugh and have fun. We are fast on our feet. Our environment is high productivity and low stress. We love our developers, and we know that a happy team translates to quality products.


Nothing is off the table when you work with Bluefire Interactive. Our staff is made up entirely of senior-level experienced developers who are not just great behind a keyboard but are full of ideas and can communicate those ideas well to our clients.


Our office has been virtual since the day we opened over 10 years ago. Our developers live throughout the western United States. We believe in American made products and have never once considered outsourcing our work.