Oregon Wine Board

Oregon Wine Board

Is a semi-independent state agency that manages marketing, research and education initiatives that support and advance Oregon’s statewide wine and wine grape industry globally. We were initially brought in for SEO and digital marketing strategy but as the organization grew, there was a need to adjust how OWB engaged with its multiple constituents:

Consumers (supporting sales of Oregon Wine);

Industry (supporting winegrowers and winemakers with industry leadership and research);

and trade (supporting worldwide distribution of Oregon wine).

Over the past five years we have worked with OWB on a long-term plan for development to streamline internal processes by making it easier to manage content across the different web properties. Through research and analysis we recommended to consolidate assets in a phased approach starting with bringing all sites onto the WordPress platform. This is a unique project in that teams have different responsibilities and we are cognizant of the back-end requirements for adding content as we move towards a single website solution.

One of the aspects of this project we are most proud of is consolidating tracking across four different web properties to allow for cross-domain analysis. This provides a holistic view of how visitors are engaging between the sites. This helps inform content decisions to ensure content is placed on the appropriate web property.

“The Oregon Wine Board has worked for over 3 years with Bluefire Interactive to update and optimize our 4 websites. As a semi-independent state agency on a tight budget, Bluefire has delivered on creative solutions to stretch our budget for maximum value. Most digital agencies produce good work but Bluefire’s secret sauce is their administrative organization, project management skills and top notch customer service”

–Christina DeArment, Oregon Wine Board, Trade Relations & Education Manager