Allen Rowland

Allen Rowland has over 22 years of experience in web and software development and holds a B.A. in Computer Science, 3D Animation and Game Development from Eastern Washington University. Allen has led teams, large and small, to develop all shapes and sizes of web and software related projects. In 2013, frustrated with how the industry … Continued

Marc Emerson

Marc Emerson is a software developer with 19 years of experience. He’s spent the last 12 years developing in PHP CMSs including WordPress, Laravel, Joomla, and Magento. He specializes in WordPress and cross-platform app development, creating websites and apps that are intuitively built, responsive, and highly customizable by clients. Most of the sites he has … Continued

Josh Chavez

Josh Chavez is a Software Developer currently based out of Seattle, WA. He graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He has 4 plus years’ experience of Software Development using a wide variety of languages and technologies including C#, Python, Java, JavaScript, Azure, AWS, and SQL. His … Continued

Tanner Holm

Tanner Holm is a software developer with over 10 years of experience and is currently based in Logan, Utah. He specializes in the WordPress and Shopify platforms, creating themes and plugins tailored exactly to clients’ needs. When he’s not building in WordPress or Shopify, he’s exploring favorite libraries and frameworks such as Vue.js and Laravel.